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News 1 : Second suspect in Saskatchewan mass stabbing is still at large after his brother was found dead - CNN
News 2 : Record heat overwhelms California power grid; rolling blackouts set to begin - KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
News 3 : Into the Spider-Verse: A giant space tarantula has been caught by NASA's Webb telescope -
News 4 : Actually, Dan Lin won??t be the ??Kevin Feige?? for Warner Bros. Discovery??s DC superhero movies - The A.V. Club
News 5 : Google to roll out smartwatch, Pixel 7 phones during Oct. 6 event - Fox Business
News 6 : Uvalde boy shows exceptional resilience as he goes back to school with a smile on his face and photos of his massacred classmates on his chest - CNN
News 7 : Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago - The Washington Post
News 8 : Body found in Memphis identified as abducted jogger Eliza Fletcher - CBS News
News 9 : 600 Breezy Reveals His Girlfriend Died By Suicide - TMZ
News 10 : Washington woman jumps out of moving car after abduction at knifepoint by man she was trying to help - Fox News
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