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As digitaltransformation is going on, the needs for virtual office, etc have been increased.  In this context, more feasible solution has been explored.  In the mean time,  gather.town will show some possibilities and practical example for virtual office. However, it is true that the virtual office is not so attractive so far,  These kind problems will be gradually solved.  Anyhow,  we should pay a special attention to Gater.Town  in this context. 


Wikipedia defines Gather.town as follows:



Gather.town (also known as just Gather) is social gathering and communication platform that covers every facet of real life: work, community and play. It part of an increasing amount of companies attempting to build around the concept of a Metaverse. It essentially works like a top-down video game, where each user acts as a playable character in this virtual world. Each user can make their own avatar, customise their spaces to suit their needs, and even visit other virtual offices around the world.

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