402 Global Project: Do not be in a hurry

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Recently, it is realized that it is important to get balanced and be stick to principle. Sometimes, greed make us injured. It will take a time to get something, which will be the most prevailing common sense. However, we may forget it and want to go over short cut, which will be covered with many traps, etc. Further, our experience tell us that it may be a shortcut in reality to keep going on the regular road. Someone who tries to take a shortcut may front my difficulties which will be a barrier to arrive earlier or even on time. That will be a life. Especially, the process is important because the process itself will be the real world we may fully enjoy. Thus, if we want to go further slowly, it will be beenficiary in many aspects. That will be a wisdom, which will be easily found out only if we are more freemen which will let any greed, etc down on the road. Then, it will be more sunny, and life is more enjoyable. 

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