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1 Buttigieg is an elite liberal who is out of touch with actual people: Liz Peak - Fox Business

2 Why the U.S. thinks plan to force cap on Russian oil prices could actually work - Yahoo Finance

3 Yellen predicts Fed anti-inflation policies will be successful,after wrongly calling it 'transitory' - Fox Business

4 Average US gasoline price falls 32 cents to $4.54 per gallon - KSL.com

5 Minnesota restaurant pros offer tips for navigating the new world of tipping - Star Tribune

6 The employee issue is a national issue: Restaurant owner - Fox Business

7 Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He Suffered Losses - TheStreet

8 VW reportedly fired CEO Herbert Diess over software and other issues - Teslarati

9 Chuck Grassley demands Chuck Schumer call vote on Big Tech antitrust bill - New York Post 

10 One America News gets dumped by Verizon, the only major carrier it had left - The Verge

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