400 Global Project: Dialy Schedule

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Recently, the importance of the daily routine or scheduling is becoming increased.  It si because the meaning of 10 minutes per a day is beyond our imagination. If it is accummulated for 10 years, it will be extended to 500 hours which means 50 days intensive works when 10 hours per day is spent. Thus, if it is continued for 50 years, the total hours will be 2,500 hours, which means 250 days when 10 hours per day are spent.


In this context, daily scheduling is very important. However, it is very difficult to set every 30 minutes per day. Theoretically, from 6 AM to 10 PM, 26 business/personal projects(?) will be possible to be set. Such project willl include hobby, exercise, just spending timw without thinking nothing, walk, listenning music, etc as well as business activites or some special one.


In this regard, we need to ask ourselves if there is a daily schedule, weekly one, monthly, semi-annually, annually,, 10 year plan, or more.


Seeking for the appropriate answer will be allso interesting and profitable. W should be a commander over our own time!

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