Daily plan and its time allocation(chinese)

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Daily plan and its time allocation

Some current issues of current life, which are striking to me at this moment, in both innovation era and geopraphically in Korea will be summarized as follows.

1. The  management of the big data, especially the creation of continuous production and utilization of such a big data. In this regard, the due balance between the right of privacy and big data will be crucial. Especially, in the legal tech area, the information of the court decision is very important which is almost a big based social infrastructure. However, such information is not duly disclosed. The information about the decision of the Constitution Court of Korea put them into the public domain in a form of API. But the court is very reluctant to fully disclose and put them into the Public domain. It will pose a problem to the development of the legal tech industry. Such due disclosure of court decision information will contribute to raise the credibility of the judicial body and due balance as well. In this regard, the judicial reform will be inevitable. 

2. In the art area, the AI's assistance will be inevitable. It is true that some music which was composed by the AI is not fully matured, but pretty soon, it will dramatically changed. Further, thanks to the AI, the layman will be able to make a musical composition more professionally and such works will be more enjoyable to the composer alone and further more people surrounding the composer as well.

3. Virtual sports will be more realistic as the development of technology is going up. For example, the ecosystem of E-Sport will be rapidly changed. And as its result, it will be also true that the people will enjoy the screen golf more than playing in the golf course in the offline world . It may be true that the screen golf will have more competitiveness in terms of the time, cost, location, convenience, etc. In this regard, the E-Sports will be one of the most promising fields in future. Probably, some electronic game will be merged into the form of ESPORTS. 

4. In the perspective of the methods and tools of income generation, the investment will fit the human being more than the labor. Especially, the investment in the aid of the AI will change the life of the human being. In this regard, the communication and utilization will be the most crucial issues. The diligence will be more closed to the AI, and more innovational work will be attributed to human being. In this regard, the utilization of the AI will be crucial.

5. Real estate will be looked into in a different perspective. The digitalization will change the value of the real estate. It wili be still true that the urban area will be more developed in future, but at the same time, the rural area will be put into the attention in terms of its various merits in the digital era. It was reported that some may predict that the demand for the office building in the NYC will be decreased and around 30% of such buildings will be vacant in the next 10 years.

6. In the global world, the learning of the foreign language will be also important. It is true that the Google translation devices, etc. will reduce the necessity of learning foreign languages to some degree, but still the usefulness of learning foreign language will work.

7. The coding education and its related social infrastructure will be crucial, which will includes various things. I would like to put on the high priority  the openness of the public information, etc. 

In this regard, the following section will be duly allocated in terms of time, efforts and investments, etc. to explore something and simultaneously enjoy it. 

1. The digitalization of the current offline business, or the business which you like to do

2. Investments, including financial sector, real estate sector and others.

3. Learning of foreign Languages

4. Learning the communication skills, including coding

5. Spending time to enjoy art and sports

In this regard, it will be true that the time allocation for the foregoing works under daily schedule, the annual plan, the next 10 years plan and more than 40 years plan will be greatly influencing my personal life, subject to periodical modifications based on the actual feedback. 

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