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I may have come across embarrassing questions from time to time in my life. One of the most difficult questions for me is, “What is your favorite book or/and poem?”

I want to memorize one or two poems, but my memory is not good, and most of all, it is because there have been no experience to impress me so much. A poem that comes to mind as a child is the phrase, “Beauty is a joy forever.”


In general, poetry was only difficult for me. Above all, it was difficult to understand its meaning. And it was difficult to access easily. As a result, naturally, in the case of modern poetry, I began to question why it even existed, so I gradually moved away from poetry.


It is true that one of the shortcuts to living a bad life is to stay away from poetry and novels.

It is also true that many difficulties at home and abroad have come after I decided to take on a challenge to gain rich insight and experience while living as a stranger in a foreign land. The fortunate thing is that, in the face of various complex and difficult tasks, I have discovered new fields.


One of them is the world of poetry. The most impressive poet I have encountered so far is poet Jeong Ho-seung, and impressive poems such as “Smashed to pieces”, “I miss the person I missed”, “The person I love”, etc.


The phrase “shattered” was an expression that touched my heart so much as I felt a sense of crisis that my own life was almost shattered. Even if it's a shattering moment in your life, there's no need to despair. In other words, shattering itself does exist, and therefore, it is not known whether it is a reasonable statement that it is only necessary to start calmly in the state of being shattered. However, the vitality and ripple effect of those words was almost that of a nuclear bomb.


Yes! Everyone will be able to face the desperate moments in their lives that they feel shattered to pieces. But even in that painful moment, you need to accept the reality you want to deny as it is. And when you realize that life itself is pain, and that life without pain does not exist, and that life without pain is the absence of life, that is, death itself, that shattering moment will be transformed into a completely new moment.


Mother Teresa always said that when difficulties arise, she used to say that they are “a blessing from God.” This is because God loved her more and gave her a task of love.


The process of enduring and overcoming this is the true form of life, and the moments of joy, prayer, and love for such a life are the true form of life. And that moment itself is happiness itself.


Of course, it can be difficult to accept this as it is. However, if you always deal with adversity and pain with such an attitude, any pain will no longer be painful.


Also, the phrase ‘every wall has a door’ is somewhat cliched, but its meaning is refleshing. We use the word 'wall' in moments of despair. But every wall, or adversity, must have a solution, a door. A door without a wall is meaningless, and a wall without a door is empty.


The expression “there is no life without a bottom” also touches my heart. Anyone can have a bottom, and they will experience it at least once or twice in their lifetime. Of course it will be painful when placed on the floor. But if you look at it anew, once you fall to the floor, that moment may be painful, but over time, everything turns into a moment that at least becomes better than the floor, how grateful are you?


This is because all you have to do is stand up on the floor... . Life can start over at any moment, and there is never a perfect time to start. If you look at it that way, if you paradoxically express the bottom, it can be a blessing (?) too much. This is because it clearly guarantees a better moment than the floor after you fell into the floor. If at least you can overcome this and stand up... .


The bread of life expresses that there are two ingredients. love and pain. And no matter how many stones there are in rice, it makes us aware of the common truth that they cannot be more than rice in terms of numbers. In other words, no matter how difficult life may seem, moments of joy and happiness are more than hours of pain and suffering... .


Happiness is not a permanent concept, it is said that it is a moment. It is said that happiness is like a fragrance that passes by in an instant. If you smell the scent for a long time, then the scent will no longer be a scent, but will change into a smell. Water lilies make beautiful flowers from filth. It is a teaching that it is the desirable truth of life to blossom the flower of happiness by nourishing the pain and shadow of life.


I was ashamed that I had a prejudice against poetry and poets. Poet Jeong Ho-seung's poems are just the key to opening a new world, hope, joy, teaching, and blessing.


The expression “a book is a snack of a certain soul made with mother’s milk” is also precious in itself, reminding us of the true meaning and teaching that I should read as much as possible. 


Prior to that, I hope and promise to myself to live a life faithful to the basic principle of loving and closer to poetry, novels, and books, which are the nutrients of a vital life.

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