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The world of professional golf and any other sports cannot exist without sponsors. It costs a lot of money to recruit and train athlete and host events, etc.

The sponsor is entered into a contractual relationship. A sponsor contract is a contract in which a company sponsors sports activities to an athlete with money, etc., and the athlete performs necessary actions to bring the sponsor's product or image closer to consumers through his or her sports activities. In fact, after Nike started sponsoring Tiger Woods in the past, it has grown to become the world's No 1.

In executing a sponsorship contract, it is necessary to first review whether the sponsor has sufficient strength and social trust. And in the specific contract details, if it is difficult for a player to act as a player due to a long-term injury or the evaluation of an athlete, etc. is sharply deteriorated, who will bear the responsibility and how and in what way should be stipulated in detail. In addition, with regard to the preferential negotiation period granted at the end of the contract period, it is necessary to be careful because meeting with other brands during this period may result in contract violations. Regarding the obligation of athletes to wear sponsored equipment and participate in training or competition, the period and scope of wearing should be specified in more detail. In particular, in the case of the prohibition of block out to prevent actions that obscure the sponsor's logo, etc., the behavior and scope, and legal sanctions in case of violation, should be carefully reviewed. The period and procedure for the obligation to shoot brand advertisements within the contract period or to participate in the sponsor's promotional events through fan meetings, etc. must also be specified in detail.

In particular, in the case of professional golfers, for example, when attaching a logo on the front of a hat, it is necessary to accurately define the text, size, wearing method and period, etc. at the level of the attached separate book if possible. Also, in defining the bonus for the winning prize, it is necessary to make a list for each competition and specify the details of the bonus in preparation for participation in unexpected competitions, etc. Lastly, a more professional and prudent approach is required when signing a sponsor contract so that there is no unreasonable infringement of the player's privacy or portrait rights in the sponsor contract, and furthermore, in case of violation, the expected amount of compensation is not excessive.

Therefore, if possible, when concluding a sponsor contract, you should carefully review the contract details with the help of an expert. In this context, legalization of sports agents, including lawyers, is urgently needed. In addition, if the sponsorship contract, where both players and sponsors coexist, is standardized and activated, it will be an opportunity to upgrade the domestic golf-related industry.

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