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Some may say that no rich person does not own a home. It appears that such saying will be true. Nevertheless, it will be arised if one should own his home, instead of just using home by rent, etc. The answer will be different. How about digital nomad? Should he own his home? 


It is true that if one owns home which is much luxurious, if possible, it will be good in terms of satifaction, etc. To a certain extent, it will be desirable in terms of investment tools as well. It will also be true to some extent that the price of home will be increased because of the inflation phenomena. 


However, as for the digital nomad, such theory will not be applied. He will enjoy travel all over the world and therefore, does not have to own a house. Owning a house will be some barrier to move around because it may interfere with his liberty to travel around. 


Further, instead of buying a house, just renting a house as demand dictate may be a financial flexibility to him. And, therefore, in the digital era, the streotype of the analog oriented person may be changed to some extent. 

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