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When we meet various classical musician such Schubert, Chopin, Beethoven, etc., they almost had a hard time financially and had various love affairs. Such things will be shared by most of ordinary person, and they will not be able to escape such experience.


On the other hand, it appears to be natural that such life stories will be good resources for their high performance of musical works. 


They might exprience the upper limits of their life and low limits thanks to their financial difficulties and love affairs as well. And such live experience was reflected into their musical works, and the emotions underlining such musics would be passed to the ordinary audiences.


It may be true that the human beings will be able to create the best art when they experiences a variety of affairs, upper or low, preferrably to the extreme limitations, which will give a chance to realize the meaning and value of being alive, etc. 


In this context, it reminds us Steve Job's saying of "stay hungry". If we have some difficulties, it will mean that we will be lucky person to appreciate the real true characteristics of being alive and further, etc.

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